This past weekend I experimented a little with Augmented Reality (AR). Above is a photo of me testing out the AR Media Plugin for Autodesk 3dsMax from Inglobe Technologies. Definitely worth checking out for those interested in this type of technology.

Aquarium visit


Just got my animation and demo reel posted on Vimeo :).

Clione Limacina – Sea Angel – animation:

Demo Reel:

Monday 1:36AM

Currently morphing and keyframing the attack scene for the sea angel animation using 3dsMax 2011.

Sunday 7:00pm

Painting the Intraocular Lens in watercolor

It’s almost a month and a half until graduation and end of my studies in BVIS. Time is flying by super fast and I am trying hard to finish up my research and projects this semester. Updating my website was on my list of ‘ things to do before I graduate’ and I finally got around to doing this.

Above is my new logo. I liked the idea of having an eyeball as a representation of my biomedical art as well as a symbol of my vision as an artist. I’m open for suggestions and critiques!

The fresh website is can be checked out at http:www.sayakaisowa.com or by clicking on the screenshot above. Images have been updated as well as some sketches from the operation room.

Here is some progression to my sea angel project. I updated the texture on the sea angel by using retopology in 3ds Max over the original model and retextured in Mudbox.

(new version 1)

(new version 2: zoomed in)

Overall I’m satisfied with how this texture turned considering the difficulty of dealing with transparent living species. More renders to go!


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